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Comprehensive Guide to Registering, Depositing, and Withdrawing Money on BK8

BK8 is a leading online betting and gaming platform that has gained immense popularity among gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Known for its unique games and exciting promotional offers, BK8 has solidified its position as a top choice for online gaming in Asia. The platform has also partnered with renowned football clubs such as Crystal Palace, Huddersfield Town, and Burnley F.C during the 2022-2023 season, further enhancing its credibility and appeal. This comprehensive guide aims to provide detailed instructions on how to register an account, deposit money, withdraw funds, and take advantage of various promotional offers available on bk8 sports online betting site.

Overview of BK8

BK8 offers a diverse range of games and betting options, catering to different preferences and interests. From sports betting to casino games, the platform ensures a thrilling experience for all users. To fully enjoy what BK8 has to offer, it is essential to understand the processes involved in registering, depositing, and withdrawing funds, as well as exploring the promotional offers. This guide will walk you through each step in detail, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience on BK8.

Registering an Account on BK8

Conditions for Registering on BK8

Before you start the registration process, it’s important to be aware of the prerequisites for creating an account on BK8:

Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 years old to register an account.

Accurate Personal Information: Ensure that the personal information you provide matches your identification documents for smooth transactions.

Compliance with Regulations: After joining, you must adhere to BK8's rules and regulations to ensure a safe and fair gaming experience.

How to Register on BK8 Using a PC

Registering an account on BK8 using a PC is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps:

Access the BK8 Registration Link

Visit the BK8 registration link. On the main screen, click on the "Register BK8" button.

Enter BK8 Registration Information

Username: Choose a suitable and memorable username.

Password: Use a secure password between 8-15 characters, avoiding special characters.

Confirm Password: Re-enter the password for confirmation.

Click “Register” to proceed to the information confirmation step.

Complete the BK8 Registration Process Quickly

Fill in additional information:

Agent ID: Optional, can be skipped.

Email: Provide a valid email address for receiving promotional notifications and password recovery.

Phone Number: Use the country code +84 for Vietnam and enter your correct phone number.

Currency: Choose VND or another preferred currency.

Full Name: Enter your full name as per your bank account for easy steps to deposit bk8 and withdrawals.

Review the information and click “Register” to complete the process.

Registering on BK8 Using a Mobile Device

BK8 offers a mobile app that provides a convenient way to register and enjoy gaming on the go. Follow these steps to register on BK8 using a mobile device:

Download and Install the Mobile App

Access the BK8 betting site via the provided link.

Search for the mobile download section and select the appropriate link for your device.

Download and install the BK8 app on your mobile device.

Allow permissions for the app.

Register an Account via the Mobile App

Open the app and select “Register”.

Enter the necessary information:

Username: At least 6 characters, including letters and numbers.

Password: 6-12 characters without special characters.

Confirm Password: Re-enter the password.

Email: For account verification and updates.

Phone Number: Your current phone number for support and updates.

Currency: Choose Vietnam (VND).

Full Name: As per your bank account for withdrawals.

Click “Register” to complete the process.

Verification and Successful Registration

Verify your email and phone number.

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message.

Depositing Money on BK8

To begin betting on BK8, depositing money into your account is crucial. BK8 supports various deposit methods, offering convenience and flexibility for users. Below, we detail the steps to deposit money into your BK8 account.

Overview of BK8 Deposits

Depositing money into BK8 involves transferring funds from external sources into your betting account. With multiple deposit methods available, players can choose the most suitable option. Here’s how to perform a basic deposit transaction:

Initiate the Deposit

Log in to your BK8 account via the app or website.

Navigate to the “Funds” section and click on “Deposit” or “Transfer”.

Choose a Deposit Method

Select from various deposit methods:


Local bank transfer

Quick payment via EeziePay and Help2pay


Bank QR code through Alpha and AP Vietnam

Mobile card

Enter Deposit Information

Depending on the chosen method, enter the necessary details and the amount to deposit.

Deposit via Quick Payment

Select Quick Payment on the Transaction Screen

Choose a quick payment channel: HonorPay, DongNan Pay, CoPay, EeziePay, Truepay 3.

Select a bank: Vietcombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, ACB, MB, BIDV.

Enter the deposit amount and click “Submit”.

Complete the Bank Transfer

Log in to your bank app, authorize the transaction, and confirm the deposit.

Deposit via Crypto

Select Crypto as the Deposit Method

Choose between USDT or ETH.

The system will display a QR code.

Save the QR code and use it in your crypto wallet to complete the transaction.

Deposit via Local Bank Transfer

Select Local Bank Transfer

Choose the bank and transfer method: at the bank counter, ATM, or internet banking.

Enter the transfer details and upload the receipt.

Deposit via Bank QR Code

Select Bank QR Code

Choose between Alpha or AP Vietnam.

Select the bank and enter the deposit amount.

Use the displayed QR code in your banking app to complete the transaction.

Deposit via E-Wallet

Select E-Wallet

Choose AP Viet Nam or VNPay.

Select Momo or Zalo Pay and enter the deposit amount.

Use the QR code in your e-wallet app to complete the deposit.

Deposit via Mobile Card

Select Mobile Card

Enter the amount matching your card’s value and submit.

Fill in the required details: card type, code, and serial number, and submit.

Deposit via P2P Transfer

Select P2P Transfer

Choose HonorPay Bank P2P or DongNan Pay P2P.

Enter the transfer amount and bank details, and complete the transaction in your banking app.

Waiting for Funds to Reflect

After completing the transaction, wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the funds to reflect in your BK8 account, allowing you to start betting immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions about BK8 Deposits

How long does it take for funds to appear in my BK8 account?

The deposit process usually takes a few minutes to several minutes. BK8 will notify you once the deposit is successful.

Can I withdraw the deposited amount?

While withdrawals are generally straightforward, immediate withdrawals after a deposit require compliance with specific conditions.

Withdrawing Money from BK8

Withdrawing money from BK8 is a simple process, ensuring you can access your winnings without hassle. Follow these steps for a smooth withdrawal:

How to Withdraw Money on BK8

Understanding how to withdraw money from BK8 is crucial for a seamless betting experience. This section provides detailed instructions on how to perform a successful withdrawal from BK8.

Initiate the Withdrawal

Open the BK8 App

Open your device and launch the BK8 app. BK8 supports withdrawals through most local banks.

Log In to Your BK8 Account

For existing users, enter your “Username” and “Password” to log in.

For new users, click on “Register” to create an account and then log in.

Withdrawal Methods on BK8

BK8 offers two main withdrawal methods: Local Bank Transfer and Crypto. Each method involves different steps and processes.

Withdraw via Crypto

Crypto withdrawals involve converting your winnings into a cryptocurrency like USDT – TRC20. Here’s how to do it:

Register a Crypto Wallet

If you don’t already have one, register a crypto wallet.

Transfer your accumulated points from the secondary wallet to the main account.

Select USDT – TRC20

From the “Crypto Withdrawal” interface, select “USDT – TRC20”.

Update the exchange rate and enter the equivalent amount.

Enter Transaction Details

Fill in the required details: Coin, Network, address, and OTP code. Save the information before proceeding.

Submit the Withdrawal Request

Enter the amount to be converted based on the current exchange rate.

Click “Submit”, and your request will be processed by BK8.

Withdraw via Local Bank Transfer

Most users prefer local bank transfers due to their simplicity and familiarity. Here’s how to do it:

Open the BK8 App

Go to “My Account” from the main interface.

Transfer Points to the Main Wallet

Transfer your points from the secondary wallet to the main account.

Provide Bank Account Details

Enter the bank account details for the account where you wish to receive the funds.

Select Bank and Enter Details

Choose your bank and fill in the required withdrawal information:

Account holder’s name

Bank account number

Amount to withdraw

Submit the Request

Review the information and click “Submit” to process the request.

Important Notes for Successful Withdrawals

Remove Three Zeros in the Amount

When entering the amount, remove three zeros (e.g., 1,000,000 VND should be entered as 1000).

Withdrawal Limits

The minimum withdrawal is 250,000 VND, and the maximum per transaction is 100 million VND.

Ensure Bank Details Match

Ensure the bank account details match those registered with BK8.

Meet Betting Requirements

Ensure you meet the betting requirements stipulated by BK8’s promotional programs.

Contact Customer Support if Delays Occur

If funds do not reflect within 15 minutes, contact BK8 customer support for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions about BK8 Withdrawals

How long does it take for the funds to reach my bank account?

Withdrawal times range from 15-30 minutes to 1-3 hours, depending on the bank.

Are there any fees for withdrawing funds?

BK8 does not charge fees for local bank withdrawals.

Is the transaction safe?

BK8 ensures the security of all transactions and protects user information.

Promotions and Bonuses on BK8

BK8 offers a variety of promotions and bonuses to enhance your betting experience. Here’s how to take advantage of them:

Welcome Bonus

New users can receive a welcome bk8 promotions upon registering and making their first deposit.

Reload Bonuses

Regular bonuses for existing users on subsequent deposits.

Cashback Offers

Cashback on losses to encourage continuous betting.

Seasonal Promotions

Special promotions during festive seasons or major sports events.

Referral Program

Earn bonuses by referring friends to join BK8.


This comprehensive guide provides detailed steps for registering, depositing, withdrawing, and exploring promotional offers on BK8. By following these instructions, you can easily navigate the BK8 platform and enhance your gaming experience. Enjoy the diverse range of games and the exciting promotions BK8 has to offer, and may your betting journey be successful and enjoyable.


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